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Line marking paints, machines sports fields, PLiFiX® markers, accessoires, everything for sports grass fields

Laying out a field means correctly measuring the field, painting the lines with a line marking machine, and paint you can trust.

PHM® has been producing paint concentrates since 1992, line marking machines from the very beginning, and PLIFIX® markers for the last 18 years!  To do an excellent job the line marking machine and the paint you chose must come from a reliable and trust-worthy source, someone who knows sports fields, grass and line-marking. Sports field line marking need accurate line measurements. At the beginning of the season, or in the middle, between two games, the lines need to be drawn out with a paint that is at the same time white and flows freely from your machine, does not clog. Time is always in limited quantities.

Line-marking paint at PHM was developed as a consequence of demands of local rugby and football (soccer) clubs that wished to replace their lime based layers with something safer, durable and easy to use. The old packets of chalk and or lime that burned the grass disappeared with the creation of line marking paint. In order to paint the lines, machines were developed, and have been improved ever since.

PHM® started producing line-marking paint.  Our sales team soon discovered that they were obliged to help grounds personnel measure the sports fields. Too many fields were inaccurately measured, required an entire day just for measuring the field, and that re-measurement was necessary at least twice a year as the lines “moved”. No product existed to pinpoint line location or intersection of lines. After much trial and error, a location marker was invented. Its name: PLIFIX® In order to provide groundkeepers a complete ray of products, PHM ® added several accessories to the Company's product line.

PHM® strives for excellence in its products and a serious customer service follow-up. Constantly looking for solutions to problems encountered on sports fields, in stadiums, and on “everything grass,” PHM® believes in solving today’s difficulties by listening to you.

You chose the correct paint for the correct machine for the correct grass surface.
Relax, breathe a sigh of relief. You can depend upon us.  Try us out: you will like us.


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